Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dodgers Sit Atop of the NL West

Photo Credit: Jon Soohoo

It's been a while since my last post, so let's recap;
Dodgers went into Arizona and dropped 2/3 vs the DBacks. They managed to savage the Sunday game, and haven't lost since. 
They swept the Mariners, at home. 2 of those games, Monday and Tuesday, were walk-off wins. Puig hurt his hamstring during the Monday game and sat out Tuesday's and Thursday's games.
Coming into the weekend home stand vs the Rockies everyone thought Puig would be fine, but that hamstring is lingering. 
The Dodgers swept the Rockies behind starts by Kershaw, Greinke, and McCarthy. Despite Puig only starting Saturday's game. Andre Ethier has started 4 out of the 6 games this week. This could serve as rest for Puig and potentially raising Ethier's trade value.
Along with Ethier performing well in Puig's absence, Howie Kendrick has raised some eyebrows. Yes, we all know that he is a true professional, but the Dodgers seemed to be very impressed by his character and play. So impressed that they have started contract extension talks with Howie's agent. Coming into the season I knew Rollins was only a rental, get a year out of him before calling up Corey Seager to be the starting Short Stop next year. But I found it weird that the Dodgers would trade a top pitching prospect, acquired from the Marlins via Dee Gordon trade, for 1 year of Kendrick. Specially since there isn't a clear cut 2nd basemen of the future. Alex Guerrero or newly acquired Olivera seem to be the best bets to start next season at 3B, and Darnell Sweeneu has been playing all over the place in the minors. So it makes sense for the Dodgers to try and lock up Kendrick for a few more years. 

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