Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Predictions for 2015

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Don Mattingley has announced today that Clayton Kershaw will get the ball to start the 2015 season for the Dodgers vs the Padres, and Matt Kemp, at Chavez Ravine. This comes to no ones surprise, this could be Kershaw's 5th consecutive Opening Game start. 

With Spring Training games on their way, the Dodgers face the White Sox at Camelback Ranch this Wednesday. And it will be the veteran lefty getting the start. No, not Kershaw, Erick Bedard. Bedard will start in hopes he can find a roster spot, after only getting a Spring Training invite this winter. He will kick off the Dodgers quest for a World Series ring. 

Now with all that being said, here are my predictions for the 2015 season: 
Let's start with the National League,
NL West     - Dodgers 
NL East      - Nationals
NL Central  - Cardinals
Wild Cards  - Pirates 
                   - Marlins

I don't see the Padres getting a Wild Card do to their terrible Outfield defense. Yes they have gotten better offensively , but they don't have a true CF, SS, or lead off. As for the Giants, it's an even year. Cubs are a year away from truly competing and Brewers will find a way to collapse in the second half. 

American League: 
AL West - Mariners
AL East - Orioles 
AL Central - White Sox
Wild Cards - Tigers
                  - Red Sox

I still think that the AL East is the most competitive division in the AL, but don't sleep on Buck's O's. I don't think that the Yankees have done enough to bolster their rotation, there are still a lot of question marks there. Blue Jays still need pitching. Rays have cleaned house, and with no Maddon there, don't think it will work as well. Indians have tons of pitching, but lack the offense. Royals will miss James Shield and their offense will be lacking without Billy Butler. Twins, will finish in last. Astros are a couple years away from competing. A's and Billy Bean have tinkered way too much, losing power bats in Moss, Cespedes, and Donaldson will hurt them. Rangers will compete, but feel like they will fall short. 

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