Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why didn't the Dodgers sign Yoan Moncada?

Let me first start off by congratulating the Boston Red Sox, they had the "winning bid" of $31.5 mil. The 19 year old prospect, who has been compared to Robinson Cano, is a great acquisition.

Now, the Dodgers. They sent Friedman and Mattingley to Moncada's work out day when he was here in L.A. Yes they were impressed, yes they wanted him, but ultimately they felt that the cost might not match the reward. This was a tricky negotiation, team with the winning bid (Boston in this case) would have had to pay 100% tax for going over the international signing threshold. So Boston is paying about $63 million dollars to sign him, $31.5 signing bonus $31.5 in taxes. I believe that the money wasn't the issue for the Dodgers, they have all the money in the world. The big issue was the penalty that came along with anyone who signed Moncada, not being able to sign international talent (for more than the minimum) for the next 2 years. With Cuba possibly opening their doors to the MLB in the near future and the number of scouts the Dodgers have internationally, I believe it was the right move. 
There are plenty Cuban talent up for grabs. You have 18 year old right handed pitcher Yadier Alverez and fellow 21 second basemen Andy Ibanez. But the problem with those two players is that they might be subjected to the similar rules and penalties that Moncada signed for. Look for the Dodgers to be aggressive in pursuing, soon to be Cuban free agent, 29 year old Hector Olivares. He is seen as an MLB ready 2nd or 3rd baseman who can hit 20+ Homeruns in the MLB. And with Howie and Uribe only under contract for this year, this makes sense.

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